Jack o Juno is a childrens' brand rooted in Swedish design tradition with slow living at heart.
Founded by Maral and Josefine, two long-time friends and mothers, Jack o Juno was born out of their disappointment with the less practical, unsafe and unsustainable plastic products flooding the market. Their quest for better options eventually led them to create their own line of high-quality, food-grade silicone tableware that is not only dishwasher-friendly and microwave-safe but also incredibly durable and sustainable.
Since the launch in early 2021, Jack o Juno has grown at a high pace and its assortment nowadays encompasses a wide range of children’s products which are sold and distributed worldwide. Going forward, Jack o Juno is committed to continue to create products that not only look good but are also good for the planet and the little ones who use them.
We believe we have a responsibility to create a better world for future generations. To achieve this, we are committed to making conscious choices that reduce our impact on the planet. While we acknowledge that this journey is ongoing, we strive to continuously improve our processes and use of materials.
In our efforts to make more responsible choices, we only use sustainable materials such as organic cotton and food grade silicone in our production. We are dedicated to continue researching into new, sustainable materials to improve our production and reduce our environmental impact.
With love,
Maral & Josefine
Co-founders of Jack o Juno